A book lovers must see in the heart of Dublin

The Long Room at Trinity College. // Dublin, Ireland

Imagine being able to access the knowledge of an entire country in just one room. That room does exist, and at one time it was given the right claim a free copy of every book published in Britain and Ireland. It is the Long Room in the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin.
The Long Room is nearly 65 meters in length and it houses 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books. The library was built between 1712 and 1732 and originally consisted of a flat plaster ceiling with shelving for books on the lower level only with an open gallery. By the 1850s the shelves became full; mostly because in 1801 it was given the right to a free copy of every book published in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
In 1860, the roof was raised allowing construction of the present barrel-vaulted ceiling and upper gallery bookcases.
Inside the Old Library is the Book of Kells, a ninth century gospel manuscript. An exhibition of the Book Of Kells begins by entering the library shop and ending in the magnificent Long Room. While there is no question the Book of Kells is a work of art and worthy of its fame throughout the world, the real “must see” is the Long Room. There was something that made me stand in awe of so much history written in handmade books that could be considered art in it of itself.


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