The best mixologist cocktail bar in Prague

Hemingway Bar // Prague, Czech Republic

The best mixologist bar I have ever been to is in the heart of Prague. We were lucky to stumble upon this gem as it was less than two blocks from our Airbnb.

Hemingway Bar prides itself on serving first-class cocktails with premium and ultra premium products and fresh fruit juices. The bar is inspired by writer Ernest Hemingway, who famously improved many cocktail recipes and enjoyed good bars and drinks throughout the world.

The upstairs bar inside Hemingway Bar.

The bar devotes much of its menu to Hemingway’s favorite ingredients including absinthe, rum and champagne.

Not only were the cocktails five out of five stars on the cocktail gastronomy scale, but the service was top notch as well. The staff clearly have more training than your average bartender. They are mixologists and every drink is made with precision and results in a flavor leaving your taste buds immediately longing for the next sip.

If you can believe it, the presentation is just as memorable as the flavor of each cocktail. Each specialty drink is associated with a special glass or unique container.

Finally, following the rules may not necessarily sound too chic; however, trust me when I tell you that the Hemingway Bar Rules actually make the place more alluring than pretentious. It’s completely worth following the rules to sip a cocktail in the most sophisticated mixology bars in town.

Hemingway Bar Rules

1. Each guest will be seated, the bartender will gladly show you to a suitable place to sit.
2. As we want our guests to feel comfortable, the moment there is no place to sit, we are full and cannot allow more people in the bar.
3. Do not talk loudly (i.e. do not shout or make a noisy scene).
4. Speak politely and do not use vulgar language.
5. Do not talk to other guests that you do not know; respect their privacy.
6. IF you want to buy somebody a drink, please ask the bartender first. He will find out if that person is interested in your offer.
7. Do not use a computer in the bar. We will be happy to recommend an internet cafe.
8. Do no move the furniture or change seats. If you do not like where you are sitting, tell the bartender, who will reseat you if possible.
9. Who would like to smoke must leave their drinks inside and go outside in front of the bar.
10. Respect the instructions of the bar staff at all times.

For more about Hemingway Bar, visit their website.


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