NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge // Brooklyn, NY

It’s one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks that has been featured in numerous movies and television shows. The Brooklyn Bridge originally opened in 1883 as the world’s longest suspension bridge. Today, the bridge offers both pedestrian walkways and bike lanes for nearly 10,000 people each day.

One great thing about this NYC attraction is that it is free and you can’t put a price on the magnificent views of the city. It’s definitely a must see. A walk across the bridge will boast views of the New York Harbor, the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines and the Statue of Liberty.

Start your walk on either side of the bridge. If you are staying in Manhattan and you only want to walk across the bridge once, take the subway to High Street and start on the Brooklyn side.

After taking in the views, you’ll want to take a peek at New York City Hall on the other side. I wouldn’t call it a must see attraction, but it’s worth a look. When you are done there, stop by the closest Starbucks to caffein-ate (Hint: there is one on every corner).

For another close attraction, walk a few blocks over and you will run into the 9/11 memorials including the North and South memorial pools. It’s a somber experience, but another must see.

Be sure to check a map before you start the Brooklyn Bridge experience to see if there are any other attractions you’d like to visit near the Manhattan or Brooklyn entrance to the bridge and plan accordingly.


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