Best fish and chips in Dublin

An order of fish and chips from Leo Burdock’s with a view from a rooftop in Christchurch. // Dublin, Ireland

If you are like me, seeking out the finest fish and chips establishment was a must during my visit to Dublin. And if that is the case for you as well; look no further than Leo Burdock Fish and Chips.

Not only will the food more than satisfy your taste buds (it may very well be the best fish and chips I’ve ever had), but Burdock’s has a rich history that goes back more than a century.

The first Leo Burdocks opened in 1913 in Christchurch, Dublin, by Bella and Patrick Burdock. The original location is still there today.

Leo Burdock, Bella and Patrick’s son, played a major role in the success of the business. He would travel to fish market most mornings to source the freshest catch of the day and haul it back by horse and cart.

The popularity of their infamous fish and chips allowed the family to open several other shops around Dublin as their business grew, but they didn’t go on without struggles. The business survived through lots of change including Ireland gaining independence from Britain and both world wars, but it was post World War II that had a major impact. Burdock’s had to close many shops due to a supply shortage with only the shop in Christchurch remaining.

Today, Burdock’s once again has additional shops for Dubliners to choose from, but it’s the quaint hole-in-the-wall location in Christchurch with over 100 years of history.

Of course, there is no need to take just my word for it. Burdock’s has been visited by people across the globe in the realms of politics, Hollywood, rock and more. There have been visits from Sandra Bullock, Liam Neeson, Serena Williams, and Bobby Flay to name a few; but check out Burdock’s Hall of Fame for a better list.

I visited the Leo Burdock’s original location in Christchurch, but other shops are located in Dundrum, Liffey Street, Rathmines, Phibsborough, Tallaght and Temple Bar.


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