• — This is a great website to use to sign up for self-directed courses and seminars whether you are a student journalist or someone who has been working in the field for years. It is never too late to learn something new.
  • — Listen online to the news about the nation. It creates award winning news, information and music programming.
  • — National Press Photographers Association has the standard of visual storytelling with their code of ethics on this website. It also has a list of training programs to better your own visual storytelling skills.
  • — Minnesota Newspaper Association will have journalism resources a Minnesota reporter might need. There is a list of local events and if you become a member you could have access to training programs.
  • — The Pew’s Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism will have the latest in industry trends.
  • — This society has local chapters. It is great resource to review the code of ethics and view career opportunities through the job bank on the website.
  • — I used this website for free self-directed courses throughout my¬†journalism program in college, but it is definitely a resourceful place to continue taking courses and view credible blogs and information about the field.
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